Website Hosting

Once you have a cool site, why drop it on a PC in someone's garage? We can host your site in-house, and we don't fool around. Our primary server is a Silicon Graphics WebFORCE. It was designed from the ground up for web hosting and named "Best Web Server System" by c|net.

Of course, we've loaded it up with five times the standard memory, ten times the standard disk space, the latest Netscape Enterprise Server and other software upgrades, including an enhanced analysis and reporting package to tell you which parts of your site are most popular, how many visitors you get from Peru, and just about everything in between!

Most web hosts have a fiber-optic digital T-1 connection to an ISP, which then pushes their data, along with data from several other such connections, over a single T-1 to the backbone. It's like merging from 8 lanes down to 1 on the freeway. Our T-1 goes straight through, all the way to the Internet backbone, so we've got the full bandwidth, all the time. And naturally, our servers run off uninterruptable power supplies, so even if the power goes down, your website doesn't.