Ready. Set. Web.

Getting your business online has become an irreplaceable tool in getting your message out.

Study after study has confirmed that buyers of both consumer and industrial products and services use the Web to educate themselves about purchasing decisions. Using the Web wisely is critical to the marketing success of an organization.

If you are new to the Web, getting your site going can be overwhelming. Who can pull it all together and make it work? Simple: Digital FM.

Digital FM has been providing virtual webmaster services to businesses and organizations nationwide since 1999. Cyberstart is the quick and easy way to get your organization online without major investments in equipment or specialized personnel. When you are ready to reach out to your customers, Cyberstart will get you there without breaking the budget. The package includes:

  • Architecture development and content organization
  • Registration of your customized web address
  • Graphic design and layout of Hosting on Digital FM's in-house server network for 24/7 reliability and service
  • Registration with major search engines.
  • Fixed package pricing – no hidden charges

You supply text, logo and up to five photos and we do the rest. Cyberstart is the simple, painless way to get a turnkey site up and running fast.

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