Experienced at doing it right.

Digital FM's roots go back to the earliest days of the World Wide Web. Michael Kuehl, Digital FM's founder and president, has been putting his foresight and technical know-how to work since the days when print was king and only a handful of college professors had even heard of the Internet.

Through every twist, every "next big thing", Digital FM has stayed ahead of the curve, at the cutting edge of Web technology. But we do it with a level head - putting more than 10 years of experience to work with a considered, intelligent approach to software, hardware and trends in design, programming, data and hosting management.

We don't jump on bandwagons. We consider the whole landscape, carefully choosing the tools and technologies that best meet your business challenges. That way, you don't pay for frills you don't need - and you get the custom-tailored solution that dovetails perfectly with your operation - and moves your vision forward.